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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

C & K Pilot Car Services Was originally founded in 1999 as K & K Pilot Car Services. Owner Kevin Lomneck started the company to provide oversize load pilot escort services to a much needed and demanding industry. Oversize load escorting is 100% of our business. With the combination of our highly trained and certified drivers, 360 degree camera recording with live video, GPS tracking system, Insurance above and beyond requirements, top of the line service, and unbeatable prices.


Our Drivers

With our full focus on oversize escorting, we are able to highly train our drivers using training procedures that were developed specifically for the pilot car industry.

Prior to hire the following steps are completed:

  • Drug Tests

  • Valid driver’s license confirmed

  • Certification for Pilot/Flagger

  • Driver Safety Course

  • Insurance approval for hire

  • Ride along with a driver trainer


Our insurance

  • 1 million Commercial General Liability

  • 1 million Personal injury

  • 2 million Comprehensive

  • 2 million Auto Liability

Our equipment

Video recording front & rear

CB Mobile radio

CB Handheld radio

VHF Mobile radio

Cones/Flares/Reflective triangles

Hand flag & stop/slow paddle

Reflective vest

First aid kit

2 5lb Fire extinguishers

Tool kits

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